Size : 250ML
Product Code : 200111
Dynamite Drinks contain B Vitamins - Essential nutrients to help the body, but what are they? They are seperated into different groups such as thiamine, niacin for example. Clear as mud? Let us explain the benefits one by one, today we are talking about thiamine.

Thiamine - Vitamin B1 - Some people use thiamine for maintaining a positive mental attitude; enhancing learning abilities; increasing energy; fighting stress; and preventing memory loss, including Alzheimer's disease.

How does it work?
Thiamine is required by our bodies to properly use carbohydrates. This makes it a great ingredient to an energy drink as carbohydrates give us energy.

Dyamite is brought to you by Garvies Soft Drinks, a household name with a proud Scottish heritage and a reputation for creating truly iconic drinks.

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