Size : 50CL
Product Code : 200054
Uniquely filtered through 6 layers of volcanic rock so it's full of volcanicity. Suitable for a low sodium diet. During its underground journey, Volvic ® Natural Mineral Water is filtered through 6 layers of volcanic rock, giving it a unique mineral composition. Volvic - Filled with Volcanicity! In a unique preserved ecosystem, Volvic Natural Mineral Water filters slowly through 6 volcanic layers giving Volvic its unique mineral composition. Volvic - straight from the volcano so it's full of volcanicity. We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet. Volvic is now Plastic Neutral - we collect and recycle as much plastic as we use in the UK & ROI. Volvic bottles are partly made using recycled plastic. This bottle is already 100% recyclable, ...so please recycle. Volvic, working to be Carbon Neutral by 2011. www.volvic.co.uk www.volvic.ie

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